The 6 Things I went through to get to 27.

img_859127 years old. Whew! 

I always say I am not a birthday person and that I plan to just sleep through the day when it comes. Hah. What a lie. Truth is, I have only slept through my birthday once (back when I turned 23). And when I awoke, I jumped out of bed, went out of the house and involved myself in the guilty pleasures of personal shopping with my best friend. There’s something undeniably magical in birthdays. It just has to be celebrated: the promise of a new year to an old you.

  1. Kikay pero medyo sakto lang.

I would have to say my 26th year was the year I became more…kikay. And by kikay I mean the (almost) daily application of mascara and eyebrows which, to this day, manages to remain inconsistent. Ha ha! Not to mention, this was the year I had my most number of manicures (which, thankfully I am recently growing out of), and the year I had my first ever facial (?!).

2. The most number of visits to the hospital–signs of aging?

My 26th year officially holds the award of the most number of hospital visits ever in my 27 years of existence. I would have a plaque created but I couldn’t decide between the two titles to engrave on the thing: Incredibly Sickly or Incredibly Nuts.

Let’s see here. This was the year I accidentally burnt my whole back (starting from the nape to my lower back) with scalding water. This was also the year I had my first ever colonoscopy at 26! The icing on the cake was when I was prescribed glasses for near-sightedness. Thankfully it’s low enough for me to keep forgetting my glasses in uber cars, kuya’s car, or B’s car. Ha ha.

My take away from all of this? I have a lot. Eating more vegetables (other than french fries) is one of them.

3) Road trips, a musical, and a surprise visit!

The family road trips that stand out are my sister’s 30th birthday and our family’s pilgrimage to St. Josemaria Escriva’s parish in Gerona, Tarlac. Marcia Adams is never a bad idea to celebrate a BIG 3-0; and praying/snacking in an air-conditioned coaster with cousins and titas to and from Tarlac was VERY fun!

Secondly, there was Les Miserables. Don’t even let me begin on that!

Another highlight was when my eldest sister and our only nephew flew in from Malaysia to surprise my parents! My mom had just survived a mild stroke, and we were approaching papa’s birthday. When my mom saw them sleeping in my room (I was, for the duration of their stay, displaced to the living room), she went straight to me and almost gave me a kiss in her excitement! BEST 2 weeks EVER.

4) 10 pounds heavier and shared milestones

I won’t go into the details of all our shared milestones this year, but one very good example would be was when B passed the bar exams! Don’t get me wrong, he did all the studying. I was just his cheer leader and a happily welcome distraction every couple of hundred pages.

And yes, we gained 10 pounds since we started dating. We admit we have to do something about this.

5) Adding another year to friendship

Friends climbing career ladders, a girl friend who got engaged, another who passed the medical board exams, and witnessing from their accounts, that love always wins, it’s definitely a golden year for my friends and I.

6) Of dear friends that are etched in my heart

My family from the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will always have a special place in my heart. I had the privilege of singing with them during holy week this year and it was, as it always is, exhilarating to be part of such talented and driven men and women of the parish.

This year, we had to say good bye to someone I considered my dear friend and second mom. To this day, I still find myself wishing she was still here with us. I suppose when someone makes a very special mark in one’s life the way she had, there will be no getting over the loss. Of all the birthday greetings I would watch out for yearly, I did not receive one very important greeting this year: hers.

I’m sure she is watching over me and she would eventually take part in my daily conscience. When that day comes, I will welcome it with both arms, as I know she had wanted no less than to see me pleasing to the eyes of the Man above.

That’s a wrap! While my 26th year was an equally proportioned mix of heart-breaking, back burning (literally!), joyous events, I still arrive to the same conclusion: life is beautiful. Not eye-popping amazing, or heartbreakingly crude, just in its own right… beautiful.

Much love,


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