Projects: Table Lamp for the Bed Side

I have been relentlessly looking for a bed side table that will serve two purposes: 1) match the feel of my room and 2) suit well with my personality (whatever that is!). For a very long time, I haven’t been able to find one. Not because I didn’t have the time, my work almost always requires and allows me to actually be in malls. I just couldn’t find that one lamp that I would love enough to buy (not even my visit to Ikea Malaysia did the trick). IKR. WTH.

So I have been lampless for a good 2 years until a couple of Sundays ago, when I didn’t know what to do with my newly bought clear LED christmas lights. I thought I could put them all over my window, be all pinterest-y and create my own starry starry night window. But my mom (being my mom) strongly advised against it as it sounded too dangerous of an idea for her. Curtains + Christmas Lights = Fire in December? That’s just crazy.


I tried putting it around our Christmas advent wreath, it didn’t work because the wreath looked like it was pregnant with lights. Too bulky. Then I spotted a huge empty mason jar in the kitchen that even has “MILK” written on it and for some random reason, I chucked the whole string of lights in it. When I plugged it, voila! Instant table lamp!

The best thing about the mason just is that its cap has a removable top, making it accessible for the christmas light to reach out to a socket.


Guess what? It turned out great for me! I actually read at night with just this lamp on. 🙂

Cost? Php 129 for the clear LED Christmas Lights, available in National Bookstore.

Much love,


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