2016’s 10 Best Memories

Now that the year is about to close, let me share with you ten of 2016’s best memories!


1. One of my best high school girl friends, Eica, got engaged to her long time boyfriend Byron! It was an afternoon filled with tearful joy and excitement!


2. Brian passed the BAR! After MONTHS and MONTHS of arduous studying in coffee shops, this guy made it! I can never be so proud of his attitude towards his failing the first time. He stood back up, left work, went back to studying and tried again with more determination and nothing short of his usual positive attitude. A no fuss, just do it kind of guy. [In photo: Brian’s sister Ate Jill and mom Tita Cynthia]


3. We made it official! I never fully understood what the phrase ‘It’s all about timing’ meant until we happened. It took heart aches, a disastrous night [we like to call whiplash night] back in high school, 10 years of not talking, a random catch up over coffee, 9 months of dating, and here we are, wiser, more honest with each other, and still each other’s great loves.  🙂


4. The closed silent retreat I attended this year, care of my Dad. I am ever so grateful to my dad for the opportunity he gave me to take time off from the busy world to just be quiet and have some time with my Maker. +


5. I work in a company that brings in international brands. So coming up with our very first local brand was a real challenge. But as I look back to the months that led to our opening in August, and how the store performed in the months after, I would have to say our team pulled through and we did well for our first local baby project!


6. When Ate April and Ozzy visited us in Manila from Malaysia! We ate [and ate and ate and ate], played, got sushi shirts and sushi socks, and even went on a very spontaneous trip to the beach in jeans and rubber shoes!


7. When I turned 27 and realized there’s no stopping time. So we ate Paella and had Sangrias to make a night of it. “What’s your resolution, now that you turned 27?” Brian asked. My resolution was, and still is, to be a lighter person–not just in weight [Ha ha!] but in thoughts, in always choosing joy above all else, in keeping my peace by being more understanding and being more forgiving. [This is where you pray with me: God save Aix! Hah!]


8. I SAW A BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK! In Kuala Lumper’s Bird Park!


9. When my sister got engaged (!!) right in front of KLCC! After months of planning between the Manila team and the KL team, everything went smoothly, except the part where we forgot to tell Ozzy. The boy was shocked and hurt when he realized something was going on without his knowing. That was the day Tita Aika learned that Ozzy is no longer just a little boy.


10. The perfect ending to 2016 was when my cousin got married to the love of her life. The ceremony and the reception were all carefully and beautifully planned, that I felt so honoured being part of their guest list! It was, for a lack of a better description, the perfect way to celebrate the love in our family this Christmas. 🙂

In 2016, we incurred losses, second degree burns, colonoscopies, etc. but the joy and love of family and friends as shown above made up for all of them.

Now we look ahead to 2017 with much hope and excitement for the endless possibilities the new year will bring. See you in 2017!


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