Projects: Giant Paper Flower Wall

The two weekends leading up to my older brother Gab and now sister-in-law Lalee, were spent for surprise bridal showers/welcome parties. Our side of the family wanted to officially welcome her into the family by hosting a surprise bridal shower for her. I have never planned a bridal shower in my life, ever. But I surprisingly had fun planning the event with my cousins.


I was assigned to plan out the decorations for the event. This means collaterals such as the event logo, e-invites, and others. To make the event extra special, I decided to create a giant paper flower wall. It was going to be the focal point of the event for two reasons: 1) My sister in law is a very artsy girl and 2) who doesn’t like a nice photo wall?




Creating each giant flower can be very challenging. I didn’t expect it would take so much time and effort! It took one whole weekend and two week nights for us to finish the wall, not to mention all the blisters that we incurred from constant use and abuse of a glue gun.  Ha ha, so much for foresight. It’s a good thing that my cousins went full force in this project, making the work so much more fun and lighter.


Even my not so artsy youngest brother joined in the fun, too!

Here are some tips in creating your flower wall:

  • If you want to be cost effective, buy cartolina paper to create your giant paper flowers. Cartolina sheets from National Book store are priced from Php 5 each to Php 10. Buy the thick ones.
  • Don’t settle for cheap or flimsy glue guns– two glue guns conked out on us during production.
  • To make the wall, stick the flowers on your thin ply wood using glue gun, not any tape.
  • Patience is key to have fun!

There are so many tutorials in making giant paper flower walls available in Youtube. To view the specific link I followed, click here.

Everything went great! The main activity was a make up 101 session by make up artist Eica Decepida. Since this year will be full of weddings in our family, we thought it might be a good idea for a crash course in DIY make up. Everyone was so interested and so involved!


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