24 Hours in Baguio!

I am not the type to plan out any type of vacation/s. I guess I tend to be too focused on the daily “hum-drum”–as people would label it–of life, that I forget to look elsewhere. Brian, however, is always looking for adventure, despite the fact that he is more busy than I am when it comes to work.

So, recently, we concluded a 24-hour trip to and from Baguio (No kidding!) and I have to admit it has taken place as one of my best spent weekends I have ever had since 2017 started.

Below would be a quick list of what we got to do in the 24 hours we were in the Summer Capital of the Philippines!

1) BEN CAB Museum

First stop was BEN CAB museum. Please don’t judge, but what I loved most about this place was the view, which was a wonderful bonus next to the preserved artefacts!


2) Chocolate de Batirol

Quaint place for hot chocolate on a breezy and cold night in Baguio. After Ben Cab, we headed straight to a pre-dinner snack (lol).

IMG_5463Looooooove the live blues/jazz performance by the artists while we enjoyed sipping our nutty hot chocolate drinks!IMG_5474IMG_5477Brian ordered suman while I got my tokwa’t baboy. 🙂

3) Chef’s Home

After Chocolate de Batirol, we went to have dinner with friends at Chef’s Home, which offers Southeast Asian cuisine. Everything we ordered were so good!

IMG_5491Salted Egg ChickenIMG_5497Stir-Fried King PrawnIMG_5492Tender Beef RendangIMG_5485

4) La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

This experience was awesome! Mainly because it was my first time!! Ha ha! There is no entrance fee to the fields. But if you want to go strawberry picking, one basket (or one kilo worth of hand-picked strawberries) is at Php 400. Brian and I shared a basket and got to pick out 1 kilo of perfect strawberries!IMG_5663IMG_5604IMG_5585IMG_5554IMG_5508We even got to try strawberry taho! Yum!

IMG_561210 peso entrance fee to a flower garden to take this picture! These sunflower are two times my height!

5) Panagbenga Street Market

We visited the street market for the last leg of the Panagbenga Festival along Session Road (at least we got to walk around Session Road). I got to purchase extra cheap wooden chopping boards (P150 each!), which are perfect to be used for cheese/meat platters!


My favorite part about the Panagbenga market is the booth that sells these paintings by local artists. 🙂

After the market, we headed back to Manila, just in time to rest and prepare for another Monday. Glad we were able to make the time to make this short and fun trip!


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