4 Days in Bali

Brian and I traveled to Bali last June with a couple of his friends for a short 4-day vacation. At first I didn’t know what to expect from it other than what I’d seen from the book-turned-movie Eat, Pray, Love. But as it turned out, it was so much more than that. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place, and the people are exceptionally friendly.

Below are the highlights of our trip–I will let the photos speak for themselves:

  1. Blue Karma Resort in Ubud (2.5 days)


2. Sambal Matah restaurant in Ubud

Reservations need to be made in the popular Ubud restaurants like Melting Wok and Fair Warung Bale, which ultimately disappointed Brian because we didn’t make reservations. But this restaurant was a great find! It’s along the alley of the two popular restaurants, and they sell 3-course delicious meals for a reasonable price.


3. Sinar Spa!

Believe it or not, Julia Roberts herself went to Sinar Spa for her milk bath services! So upon reading that info up somewhere, we decided to hunt Sinar down wherever she was in Ubud. It was a long ride from Blue Karma, but the traditional Balinese massage for only 90k Rupiah was so worth it!IMG_0166IMG_0179IMG_0182

4. Sacred Monkey Forest

A little on the fence on this one as I didn’t particularly enjoy walking through a forest full of huge and aggressive monkeys. Brian seemed to have enjoyed the walk through the forest! Until we were already outside and we had just bought a bottle of water for 5k rupiah, a monkey literally jumped on him wanting to steal his bottle of water. The monkey wrapped his legs around Brian’s waist, with his one hand tugging on Brian’s shirt, and the other pulling the water bottle from Brian’s hand! Eventually of course, Bri let go of the bottle and the monkey left him alone.  Ha ha what a sight!IMG_0356

5. Mozaic Restaurant by Chef Salans

We completely forgot about missing out on Fair Warung Bale and Melting Wok after experiencing this 8-course meal by Chef Salans at Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud. It was Brian’s treat since we had just recently celebrated our first year anniversary. Ah, the details that went into every course, the undivided attention given to us by the wait staff, the ambiance of the place — everything was just 100% remarkable!

Below are some photos from Mozaic’s ‘From our Local Farmers’ menu.


6. Ubud’s Rice Paddies

Not that we don’t have these in the Philippines. It’s just that the rice paddies are everywhere in Ubud, giving it such an authentic touch, apart from being one of the most cultural places to visit in Bali. IMG_0203

7. Conrad Bali at Nusa Dua (1.5 days)

After our stay in Ubud, we transferred to Nusa Dua to experience the beach side of the island. Our stay in Nusa Dua was very relaxed which made up for all the walking we did the first two days on the island.

The resort was beautiful and we turned it into our opportunity to unwind and just enjoy the sun. IMG_0907IMG_0554IMG_0480IMG_0552IMG_0422

8. Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple

On our last night, before we stuffed our faces with normal food (aka steak) for dinner, we went to Uluwatu Temple to watch the Kecak Fire Dance. It was a beautifully performed depiction of the Ramayana, accompanied by an 80-men choir. I have never witnessed anything like it–and at sunset, too! IMG_0605IMG_0861

So I guess that wraps it up my 8 highlights from our most recent trip to Bali.



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