Hungry in Taipei!

After my older sister Julie’s wedding, and on the same day my eldest sister April and her 8 year old son Ozzy returned to Malaysia, Brian’s family and I set out for Taipei. It was a four-day trip, enough to cushion the looming fact that when I get back home, I will be the only remaining daughter in the family home. Of course, before any of that, we had set out for four days of Chinese food discovery, LOTS of walking, and a quick visit into the heritage of Taipei.


My top three restaurants around Wanhua (this was where we booked our Air BNB) have got to be:

  1. Dianshui Lou, 64 Huaining Street, Zhongzheng District

  2. Mala Hot Pot 马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅,  No. 62, Xining South Road, Wanhua District

  3. Hang Zhou Xiao Long Tang Bao No. 19, Section 2, Hangzhou South Road, Da’an District

IMG_6650IMG_6651IMG_6652Must order at Dan Shui Lou: Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp Xiao Long Bao, and this Pork Bun!IMG_6656Must Order in Hang Zhou Xiao Long Tang Bao: Pork Xiao Long Bao, Pork and Shrimp Shumai, Custard Bun, and these Pumpkin Taro Buns.

Unfortunately, I have not photo from our Mala Hot Pot experience. But I have to stress that it will be worth paying this restaurant a visit! A budget of 588+ NTD per person will allow you your choice of two soup base, a wonderful selection of meats, unlimited vegetables and hot pot add ons, Haagen Daz and Movenpick Ice Cream!


Our Air BNB is right smack in the middle of busy Ximending Shopping District. At night (and even during day time), the streets get filled with local street food! It is such a convenient location that whenever we stepped out of our accommodation, we already have all these shops, restaurants and street food within walking distance! Needless to say, in spite our scheduled visit to Raohe Street Night Market, we made the most of Ximending Shopping District’s street food!

IMG_6511IMG_6655Torched Wagyu CubesIMG_6654Crispy Chicken with Mayo IMG_6624Ay-Chung Flour Rice NoodlesIMG_6507This Taiwanese Cannoli-looking cream puff was SO good!

NOTE: I have no photo of it, but we practically ordered Milk Oolong Tea from 50嵐 No.484 Xining South Road 西寧南路48之4號 almost every day! We found this milk tea brand almost everywhere (conveniently): Wanhua, one right outside Raohe Street Night Market, and one in the Main Taipei Train Station.


On the third night, we visited Raohe Street Night Market and discovered more street food!IMG_6638IMG_6647We had doubts about this thin pizza, but it turned out pretty yummy!IMG_6645Taiwanese Sausage!IMG_6644IMG_6643Squid prepared in different ways: grilled and deep fried!

TIP: Street food in Taipei, in general, was pricier than street food prices in the Philippines. Be prepared to pay for an average of 100 – 250 NTD for an order of street food. Milk Tea is fairer though at 50 – 80 NTD.


I would say it was pretty easy going around to visit sites from Wanhua. All the places we visited were one to two train rides away.

IMG_6627IMG_6626IMG_6557Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall IMG_6629National Taiwan Museum Park IMG_6535Lungshan Temple IMG_E6704View from the 88th deck at Taipei 101 IMG_6660Best Apple store ever!IMG_6687Selfie on the mirror floor of Taipei 101

It was an absolutely enjoyable trip with Brian and his family. I’m thankful and glad I came!


TIP: Brian and I learned the hard way that the best possible exchange rate for USD to NTD was at the airport terminal. Everyone else in Brian’s family had their money exchanged upon arrival at  the terminal, while we were confident that there would be better rates outside. Alas! There were none. Ha ha! We were able have money exchanged at a department store, whose rates were significantly lower as compared to the airport rates.


I guess that’s it.. for now! Thanks for dropping by!


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