In Photos: JUDO 2017

In Photos: JUDO 2017

October 12, 2017 was a very special day for my sister Julie and now brother-in-law Dan.

It was a day we gave away a daughter and a sister, a day we welcomed a son and a brother, and a day two families were joined in God’s house. It was a day for both sun and rain, a day for music and thanksgiving, and a day for tears and laughter.

Allow me to share with you the priceless moments and details of this remarkable day.

IMG_7004HP2A9902HP2A9925HP2A9943MRK42568MRK42505MRK42565HP2A9166I don’t normally make our eldest sister cry but I did that day!EDIT0457EDIT0458Papa and Ate Julie practicing their father and daughter dance — for the first time. IMG_6362Grammar check for the Maid-of-Honor speech.IMG_6403IMG_6710It takes two to get the job done! We love you ate Julie!IMG_6356Sisterly chit chat is always a must!HP2A9695During the preparations, heavy rain poured. Papa quietly slipped out of the Bridal room to pray for sun in the chapel near our hotel. True enough, after a good 30 minutes, the rain stopped. HP2A9773HP2A9673Dan after reading Ate Julie’s letter.HP2A9510HP2A9508Dan is the youngest and only boy in the family and the camera caught such tender moments among them siblings. HP2A9677Sneaky photo of Brian and I running errands. MRK42877MRK42799MRK42773MRK42881MRK42672Ate Julie with her Bridesmaids, Mase and Majel. Bridal dress by Khristelle TanMRK42920Beautiful close up of the bride, make up and hair by Katchie Mejias.MRK43020Adorable flower girls!MRK43679Wedding cake by Eat Smiles.MRK43831MRK44231MRK44121MRK44098MRK44083The reception was mostly a night of wonderful and heartfelt singing!HP2A3515HP2A3519Table scape beautifully put together by K by CunananEDIT0333Artwork and wedding invitations by Kaliwete Creatives.HP2A9673HP2A9479HP2A9416HP2A9450The groom with his goofy groomsmen!HP2A3685EDIT1285Entourage dresses by Weddings by Desino Dulce.EDIT1185EDIT1457HP2A3486HP2A3570MRK43434Photos by Randolf Evan and team.

I will always look back to this day and remember that it was a day of sun, rain, tears, laughter, music, thanksgiving, and above all, love.






11 Years: Love Wins!

11 Years: Love Wins!

My kuya (older brother in English),  finally got married! We waited 11 years for this! Everyone, and I mean everyone, had been waiting to see him and my now sister-in-law Lalee, get married. So when the day finally came, we were all overcome with pure joy that not even the formalities of a wedding was able to cap. It was, as most guests had put it, a very genuine wedding.

Their DIY wedding invite with the bride’s painting of the wedding reception venue on one sheet, and calligraphy on the main sheet!
Sure, the videographers came in more than an hour late as they got stuck in traffic. Then maybe kuya ended up bawling behind my mom when Lalee started walking down the aisle (I would kill to get my hands on a photo of that!). Then there was the wedding ring. Lalee had a hard time putting the wedding ring on his finger. After a few seconds of apparent struggle, it fit and Kuya raised his hand ala Beyonce’s ‘Put a Ring on it’ to show to the guests that yes, the ceremony will proceed  as it were!

There may be a longer list of all the things that went [or could have possibly went] ‘wrong’ that day. But not a single item on that list, not even those I mentioned above, really mattered. Because on their special day, the only thing that had true weight was the celebration of their love. They made sure that their wedding day was theirs, a day that would speak loudly of who they are as a couple and of how big their love is for their families and friends.

It was a truly beautiful celebration and part of me still can’t get over the realisation that after months and months of the couple’s planning, everything did turn out as they should. That’s why I’m sharing the event here in my blog. Somehow, it won’t give the day justice should I just keep them in my social media accounts. 🙂

If you are a DIY kind of person, you will love the details that were put into this wedding!

For this wedding, I was assigned to style their dessert buffet tables, photo montage, and others. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share all as I have limited photos from the event. But, I will share with you some very special highlights!

Photo by Carla Argoso
Photo by Sarah Mendoza
They had two dessert tables. One I assigned for the homemade desserts (The Mendozas love their sweets!) and the other, I assigned to the couple’s chosen ‘Wedding Cake’: Cello’s doughnuts!

Both tables were of a plain off white linen provided by the caterers, a burlap runner, wood works by the Mendozas, ceramic trays, glassware and simple white Statice flowers in mason jars. What completed the whole look were Lalee’s hand painted food labels, and of course the desserts (!), as you will see in the photos above and below.

Photo by yours truly
Photo by Sarah Mendoza

Even the kids enjoyed the couple’s dessert buffet! The little boy on the left, the son of our neighbor and childhood friend, had a scowl on because he hadn’t finished his meal yet and he already wanted to eat a donut, like my nephew on the right. Ha ha! Cute!

These are just a few photos I managed to gather from early social media uploaders (like myself). I cannot wait to see the rest! 🙂


The breathtaking DIY-ness of this wedding didn’t end at the reception. As a thank you gift from the couple, I received these personalised note cards!

I am grateful to kuya and Lalee for allowing me to do this for them. This was my way of being one with them on their special day, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Until the next wedding! 🙂